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Beautifully Classic Concrete Driveways For Melbourne Homes

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Classic Concrete Driveways in Melbourne

If you’re building your new home, concrete driveways are usually covered in your homebuilder purchase agreement. However, the added price for a concrete driveway in your home builder package is usually more expensive and made from poor materials.

Often times they are sub-contracted out to driveway companies like us at an added premium.

Almost all residential homes in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs utilise concrete as the preferred material for driveways. When deciding to install your new driveway, here are the 3 factors to help you build the perfect driveway for your home:


When it comes to building your driveway, you want to choose a material that is durable and can withstand the test of time. Concrete is a great option as the average useful life of a new concrete driveway can last up to 35 years.

With proper care and maintenance, your concrete driveway can remain in excellent condition for as many as 50 years (and even more).

One of the major advantages of concrete is that it doesn’t change its structure in high temperatures especially during our hot Australian summers. In fact, concrete remains relatively cool and is an ideal choice for Melbourne homes.

Additionally, concrete driveways and pavements provide effective barriers to termites. The durability of the driveway structure depends not only on the quality of the concrete material itself, but also on the way in which it is laid.

Concrete expands and contracts with changes in the outdoor temperature and humidity. This may lead to cracks overtime. Cracks need to be wider than 3mm to provide passage to other areas of your home.

To prevent these cracks, our professional concrete builders typically lay large square concrete slabs with joints between them. This also helps regulate the process of curing (hardening and strengthening).

To assist with durability, we seal our concrete driveways to maintain its structure. This also helps prevent staining, protects the colour, if any, and eliminates the risk of slipping on surfaces that have a slight slope. Such a process retains the classic concrete driveways for Melbourne homes.


Classic concrete driveways for Melbourne homes are flat and smooth making it a perfect match for homes with modern architecture. At the same time, this material can be “styled” in more ways than one.

At Melbourne Concrete Experts, our clients like to give their home entrance a touch of style by opting to colour their driveway. There is an endless selection of colours and shades to choose from, you can go for earthly colours or something more dramatic to suit the style and design of your house.

Concrete can also be stamped or stencilled which gives your driveway a more creative design and style. Your driveway can look as if it is made from stone, brick or even tile. We do this by providing stencil patterns and individual decorative motifs added.


If you want your classic concrete driveway in Melbourne to last, there will be some maintenance with regular cleaning. You simply need to scrub your driveway with a brush and remove the dirt by spraying water with a garden hose.

When you have sealed your driveway properly, any oil stains coming from your car should easily come off with a simply spray.

Overall, having a concrete driveway can add functionality, aesthetic appeal and great value to your home.

If you want your classic concrete driveway in Melbourne to stay in perfect shape for decades, seek out a qualified driveway specialists who have extensive experience with concrete.

In addition to asking about labour and material estimates, you should check how long it will take for the concrete to cure so that you can get a rough idea of when you will be able to start using your new driveway.

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